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Class of 1978

by Lindsey Burback

October 13, 2008

Emerson-Hubbard 77-78 School Year.....

58 Graduating Seniors

David D. Belt William R. Blaker Keith Ellie Bowder
Mark Alan Bowder Charles Eston Brown Edward Hugh Casey
Eric John Clements Michael Howard Crom Fred Edward Denker
Richard W. Denker Jane Annette Fuchser Russell Duane Fuchser
Roberta Lynn Gravolt Kathleen Anne Green Gary W. Habrock
Jack Ron Hale Lonnie J. Harder Thomas Ray Henerson
Christi Anne Huggenberger Bill J. Hughes William L. Irby, Jr.
Debra Ann Jensen Karen Kay Krueger Dale Leroy Krusemark
Linda Mary Kuhl Emily Clara Lamp Larry Lee Lueders
Linda Jean Lueth Donald Wayne Merical Randolph James Merritt
MeLinda Susanne Millard Karla Jean Nelson Jeffrey Ron Olerich
Sheryl Ann Paulsen Julie Renae Pederson LeRoy Dean Peters, Jr.
Kelly Brian Pflanz Gayle S. Quick George Franklin Rhods
Leland Jay Roeber James Mark Rooney Linda Ann Saltzman
Sandra Sue Schlickbernd Michaela Ann Schulte Thomas K. Servine
John L. Starzl Robert Leigh Stenwall Carmen Marlene Stewart
Steven Eugene Surber Paul Carl Utemark IV Neldene Clara Victor
Gregory L. Voss Cynthia Ann Warren Ellen Kay Warren
Gregory L. Warren James Charles Watkins Doyle D. Wood
Sherman J. Wood    


The Lady Pirates ended their season 15-4.  They placed first in the Winside Tourney and runner-up in both Conference and District play-offs.  
Individual Honors: Kathleen Green-First Team All Conference and Second Team All State, Lori Kellogg-Second Team All Conference.
Team Members: Cindy Lux, Karen Mackling, Laura Armussen, Lisa Philby, Carol Donner, Lori Tullberg, Kathy Hesse, Linda Kuhl, Ellen Warren, Pam Pflanz, Rita Dorcey, Sandy Belt, Deb Mackling, Joyce Pallas, Diane Belt, Emily Lamp, Jane Fuchser, Teresa Crom, Diane Walsh, Karen Prokop, Leesa Carper, Lori Kellogg, Kathleen Green, Traci Huggenberger, and LaRita Sebade.
Managers: Keri Fuchser and Deb Stanton
Coach: Carol Porter

The Pirates ended their season 7-2, under the leadership of 21 seniors.  They won their conference title by shutting out Wayne 27-0.
Individual Honors: B. Blaker-Honorable Mention, K. Bowder-First Team, M. Bowder-First Team, R. Clements-First Team, M. Crom-First Team, K. Pflanz-First Team, M. Rooney-Honorable Mention, T. Servine-Honorable Mention, B. Stenwall-Honorable Mention, G. Warren-Honorable Mention, R. Fuchser-Player of the Year.
Team Members: T. Paulsen, L. Tullberg, G. Olerich, J. Heinemann, J. Messerole, M. Johnson, S. Blaker, L. Steecker, A. Pallas, L. Winbolt, R. Stewart, T. Martin, J. Messerole, B. Gabel, B. Dzuris, J. Crom, L. Lueders, T. Henderson, M. Nelson, D. Lux, T. Pflanz, B. Utemark, D. Krusemark, T. Nelson, D. Hassler, J. Hale, B. Stenwall, R. Fuchser, R. Belt, M. Belt, C. Mueller, D. Coan, W. Miller, L. Harder, K. Bowder, R. Fuchser, M. Voss, T. Servine, M. Bowder, D. Lueders, K. Pflanz, P. Carman, T. Parker, R. Paulsen, M. Crom, S. Dagle, B. Kamm, G. Warren, R. Camberlain, C. Brown, J. Olerich, M. Lueth, J. Philby, M. Rooney, R. Clements, J. Mari, J. Utemark, B. Blaker, G. Jensen, and S. Wood.

Girls Basketball
The Lady Pirates ended their season 5-10.  
Individual Honors: Karla Nelson - All Conference First Team, All State Honorable Mention for Class C; Paula Rager - All Conference First Team.
Team Members: Karla Nelson, Sandy Schlickbernd, Carol Donner, Lori tullberg, Laura Asmussen, LaRita Sebade, Paula Rager, Lori Kellogg, Liane Roeber, Vanessa Heitzman, Deb Brown, Peg Walsh, Diane Belt, Donna Beacom, Traci Huggenberger, Lynn Conway, Kathy Gravhold, JoAnn Watkins.
Managers:  Shelly Krahmer and Mary Casey
Coaches: Paul Mestl and Janet Koopman

Boys Basketball
The Pirates ended their season 9-9.  They took the runner-up Conference trophy for the second year in a row.  The last-second shot versus Homer in the district final will long be remembered.
Individual Honors:  All Conference Honors went to Dean Peters, Rick Clements, and Russ Fuchser.
Team Members: R. Fuchser, K. Pflanz, D. Lueders, D. Hassler, R. Fuchser, T. Pflanz, P. Utemark, M. Belt, D. Peters, J. Utemark, B. Gatz, J. Olerich, R. Clements, P. Carman, K. Bowder, D. Belt, S. Blaker, R. Belt, R. Paulsen, L. Carder, M. Lueth, T. Paulsen, L. Tullberg, D. Hassler, T. Nelson, T. Stewart, T. Schlickbernd, K. Fuchser, K. Utemark, J. Gabel, J. Clausen, L. Jepsen, P. Merical, D. Irby, J. Heeney, J. Assmussen, D. Hassler, R. Pflanz
Coaches: VanAckeren, Porter, Graham

Girls Track
19 girls were out for Track during the 77-78 school year.  Only one girl qualified for state that year, Carol Donner in both the mile and the 880 - She placed 8th in both events at the State Track Meet.
Team Members: Kathy Doupnik, Vanessa Heitzmann, Laura Asmussen, Deb Krueger, Carol Donner, Deb Brown, Denise Paulsen, Lisa Philby, Sandy Belt, Penny Bokemper, Cindy Lux, Sheryl Paulsen, Lori Tullberg, Deb Mackling, Eileen Hingst, Becky Dzuris, Joanne Watkins, Paula Rager, Lori Kellogg, Theresa Crom, Pam Pflanz
Coach: Mrs. Porter

Boys Track
The 77-78 boys track team was one of the best to ever participate in Emerson-Hubbard.  As a team, they were able to win the Wakefield, Wisner, and District track meets.  Six boys qualified for the state meet Bob Stenwall in the 100 and LJ, Rick Clements in HJ, Mark Rooney in the Mile, Bruce Kamm in the High Hurdles, Jeff Utemark in HJ, and Ken Olerich in HJ.
Team Members: B. Stenwall, T. Pflanz, L. Tullberg, T. Hassler, P. Krueger, M. Nelson, A. Pallas, R. Fuchser, J. Gable, L. Oetken, T. Parker, D. Mast, R. Paulsen, L. Steecker, K. Olerich, T. Paulsen, J. Clausen, J. Utemark, J. Asmussen, B. Blaker, B. Kamm, M. Bowder, J. Philby, B. Dzuris, M. Belt, K. Jensen
Coaches: Mr. VanAckeren and Mr. Mestl

This was the second year for golf at Emerson-Hubbard. They competed in four meets and had two conference medal winners.  
Team Members: T. Schlickbernd, M. Johnson, C. Mueller, D. Belt, D. McLaughlin, C. Brown, S. Blaker, S. Wood, K. Fuchser, B. Gable, L. Roeber, R. Pflanz, B. Utemark, E. Casey, S. Dagle
Coaches: Mr. Weber and Mr. Headlee



Pep Club - Consisted of 85 girls.  Organizer's of the pep club were Mrs. Koopman, Mrs. Krahmer, and Mrs. Heckens.
Members: Sherry Shanks, DeAnne Vraspir, Lori Henderson, Deb Brown, Lori Tullberg, Carol Donner, Leesa Carper, LaRita Sebade, Cindy McLaughlin, Bonnie Heitzman, Charlene Paulsen, Deb Miller, Pam Cooper, Kris Bonderson, Cheryl Potter, Kathy Doupnik, Theresa Quick, Denise Reed, Toni Surber, Sue Pederson, Eileen Hingst, Janet Wood, Denise Lueth, Diane Belt, Penny Bokemper, Becky Dzuris, Jody Messorole, Laurie Michell, Cindy Lux, Karen Prokop, Deb Krueger, Julie Larson, Lisa Philby, Jeanne O'Neill, Diane Walsh, Lynn Conway, Gayle Donner, Tracy Huggenberger, Connie Novak, LeAnne Vraspir, Jane Fuchser, Kathleen Green, Karen Krueger, Cindy Warren, Ellen Warren, Neldene Victor, Sheryl Paulsen, Linda Kuhl, Sandy Schlickbernd, Karla Nelson, Julie Pedersen, Chris Huggenberger, Sandy Belt, Pam Pflanz, Thonda Pedersen, Connie Sherlock, Rita Dorcey, Keri Fuchser, Barb Larson, Helen Powley, Susan Warren, Joyce Donner, Joanne Habrock, Connie Hale, Laura Assmussen, Beth Harnett, Vanessa Hetizman, Denise Paulsen, Joanne Watkins, Shelly Krahmer, Deb Stanton, Kathy Heese, Donna Beacom, Emily Lamp, Micky Schulte, Liane Roeber, Charlene Brown, Lori Belt, Lori Kellogg, Joyce Pallas, Teresa Sullivan, Wanda Powley, and Peg Walsh.

Homecoming - The theme was "A Look Into the Future." The football team won a homecoming game for the first time in 6 years. Festivities started with a bonfire at the ball park on Tuesday night and concluded with a dance on Friday.
Kindergarten Attendants - Chris Gillaspie and Nadine Roeber
Freshmen Attendants - Jerry Asmussen and Cindy Lux
Sophomore Attendants - Randy Fuchser and Carol Donner
Junior Attendants - Dan Lux and Liane Roeber
Senior Attendants - Rick Clements and Karla Nelson
Senior Attendants - Keith Bowder and Jane Fuscher
Senior King - Russ Fuchser, Senior Queen - Emily Lamp

Cheerleading - The Emerson-Hubbard Cheer Squad attended a camp at Lake Okoboji to learn new cheers and skills.  The captain of the Varsity squad was Emily Lamp, varsity members-Mickey Schulte, Lori Belt, Lori Kellogg, Liane Roeber, and Charlene Brown; The captain of the junior varsity squad was Joyce Pallas, members-Theres Sullivan, Peggy Walsh, and Wanda Powley.

Rock n' Roll Musical - The music and drama departments collaborated to create the first Emerson-Hubbard Musical. It was a light-hearted, fun-loving spoof of life, loves, and problems of high school students in the 50's.  The cast was made up of 35 characters, an orchestra of 12, and crews of over 100 students. Director was LeRoy Graham, Music Director was Ken Headlee, Band Director was Brad Weber, and Assistant Director's were Joyce Ziesler and Paula Rager.  

FFA - FFA was a very successful organization, the great leadership of Mr. Calder, along with dedicated students allowed many to win awards.
Individuals: Fred Denker and George Rhods won 2nd place in State Tractor Maintenance, Fred Denker received State Farmer Degree.
Members: Kathy Gravholt, Bill Steinman, Larry Oetken, John Starzl, Lee Roeber, Dan Thraikill, Arlan Hingst, Dan Hassler, Jeff Surber, Les Roeber, Ron Paulsen, Greg Olerich, Greg Reed, Tore Nelson, Rick Sebade, Jon Denker, Dale Johanson, Bonnie Heitzman, Don Thrailkill, Ken Olerich, Dave Hassler, Warren Miller, Fred Denker, Gaylen Hingst, Ron Messerschmidt, Bruce Kamm, Larry Lueders, Steve Surber, George Rhods

Band - Under the efforts of a new band director Emerson-Hubbard had a strong sound.  They received an excellent rating at Districts.  They performed during the Homecoming Parade, the annual Christmas Concert, Pre-Contest Concert, Wayne State Jazz Festival, and Midland Jazz Festival.
Individual Awards: Ellen Warren - All State Band, David Belt - All State Band
Members: E. Warren, L. Sebade, L. Philby, D. Standon, P. Pflanz, K. Green, J. Fuchser, N. Victor, C. Warren, C. Sherlock, L. Kellogg, R. Pederson, V. Heitzmann, B. Heitzmann, J. Pallas, S. Krahmer, K. Kubik, B. Roeber, H. Powley, L. Lueth, D. Lueth, C. Paulsen, D. Belt, D. Krueger, K. Bonderson, D. Miller, S. Pederson, C. Steecker, J. Larson, B. Hughes, K Graveholt, B. Blaker, J. Watkins, R. Purucker, R. Sebade, B. Larson, S. Wood, T. Henderson, B. Utemark, S. Blaker, D. Warren, W. Powley, B. Steinman, L. Belt, K. Krueger, S. Warren, E. Lamp, D. Belt, L. Kuhl, J. Wood, M. Quick, E. Nelson, S. Watkins.

Vocal - There were 55 students in vocal.  The sponsor was Mr. Headlee.  They performed a public Christmas concert, Pre-contest concert, Midland Jazz Festival, and the Apollo Festival in LeMars.  
Members: D. Stanton, L. Lueth, C. Lux, P. Bokemper, L. Tullberg, S. Shanks, C. Novak, B Dzuris, G Donner, P. Lempke, P. Walsh, D. Reed, D. Lueth, M. Millard, D. Beacom, L. Asmussen, J. Denker, J. Habrock, K. Fuchser, C. Huggenburger, C. Hale, K. Mackling, M. Casey, J. Watkins, C. Donner, C. Stewart, L. Henderson, K. Prokop, T. Huggenburger, D. Lux, T. Pflanz, T. Henderson, R. Paulsen, C. Clausen, D. Hassler, J. Foxworthy, L. Sebade, K. Davis, D. Brown, J. Watkins, L. Harder, D. Lueders, M. Belt, T. Servine, K. Bowder, G. Voss, G. Olerich, B. Hughes, C. Brown, R. Denker, K. Pflanz, R. Merritt, S. VonSeggren

Play - Emerson-Hubbard's final offering for the 77-78 season was a 3-Act comedy about a guidance counselor whose workers were all domineering women.  Poor Gordon warren was ready to check it all in when another women was hired and moved into his office.  Then that strong element which conquers all, commonly called "love" moved in, took over and saved the day at Pembroke High.

Prom - The prom theme was "This One's For You." Entertainment was performed by the musical group Gatsby.  Everyone dressed their best and it turned out to be a huge success. The prom was held on May 6, 1978 in the gym.  The banquet started at 6:30 p.m. followed by the the dance at 9:00 p.m.  


The Emerson-Hubbard faculty for the 77-78 school year was: Mr. Miller-Business, Mr. Paige-Business, Mr. Mestl-History, Mrs. Porter-P.E., Mr. Porter-P.E., Mr VanAckeren-History, Mr. Boeshart-History, Mrs. Lueth-Biology, Mr. Wood-Science, Mrs. Gustafson-English, Mrs. Krahmer-English, Mrs. Koopman-English, Mr. Weber-Band, Mr. Headlee-Music, Mrs. Downey-Home Ec., Mr. McQuire-Math, Mr. Moran-Math, Mrs. Clark-SLD English, Mr. Graham-Speech, Mrs. McQuistan-Special Services, Mrs. Heckons/Mrs.Langmack/Mrs. Casey/Mrs. Wood-Cooks, Mr. Schlesser - Industrial Arts, Mr. Calder-Vocational Ag, Mr. Stenwall-Custodian, Mr. Christiansen-Counselor, Mr. Thieman-Art, Mrs. Stenwall-Custodian, Mr. Curtis-Superintendent, Mr. Ough-Principal, Mrs. Bottger-Secretary, and Mrs. Thrailkill-Secretary.

 Class of 1978  

Class of 1978

Date Subject Posted by:
11/18/2008 I love this. Very fun and interesting to see classes from the past. Please continue.
Cherie (Hogan) Conley
01/15/2009 I taught mathematics at the High School in Emerson from 1973-1977. I enjoyed seeing a list of some of my former students and a summary of the year. Thanks.
Dennis Linn
Pella, Iowa Mathematics Teacher

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