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Class of 1992

by Elliott Tonjum

January 06, 2009

Graduating Seniors

Bryan W. Martineck Brian J. Mackling
Keri A. Kellogg Tracy L. Parker
Matt M. Morgan Heather D. Dohrman
Bryan M. Belt Shane W. Masters
Ronda R. Brinkman Martinique M. Miller
Amy M. McTaggart Jeff L. Stamp
Shane M. Koch Richard Stemmler
Alison A. Beacom Winnie Hartisch
Jennifer S. Bressler Jon A. Wallwey
John E. Howard Tonya A. Mellick
Nikki L. Engle Kraig D. Kubik
Troy J. Martin Mike Freeman
Tom J. Hogan Shawna L. Carr
Angie M. Modlin Debra L. Doupnik
Justin L. Stork  



The 1992 varsity football team went 2-6 on the season, and was led by just three seniors Bryan Belt, John Howard, and Brian Mackling.  Brian Mackling said "It's hard to get the younger guys to respect the team with only a few seniors."

Members: Matt Gutzmann, Matt Pfister, Matt Krusemark, Jason Rhode, Curt Albrecht, Jason Spencer, Eric Sorenson,Noel Hassler, Matt Dohrman, Eric Martin, Joe Hassler, Pat Bousquet, Rusty Millard, Brian Mackling, John Howard, Byran Belt, Rod Collins, Justin Anderson, Brent Beacom, Doug Steele, Matt Morgan, Shane Mast, Ben Schwarten, Mike Freeman, Corey Rasmussen, Chad Anderson, Mike Fuchser, Jon Mackling, Corey Anderson, Scot Hassler, Kevin Belt, Jeremy Stewart, Kevin McTaggart. 

Coaches: Mr. Cliff Wiseman, Mr. Dan Bormann, and Mr. Al Porter



"Believe in yourself!" said Coach Cunningham.  This was one saying the volleyball girls heard many times. The seasons record was 1-14.  Coach said "the girls worked really hard this season and managed to keep a positive attitude.

Members: Toni Huggenburger, Carla Paulsen, Alison Beacom, Keri Kellogg, Ronda Brinkman, AMy McTaggart, Ginny Wrage, Sara McCabe, Jamie Modlin, Ryan Olson, Winnie Hartisch, Jenny Kruger, Heather Wheelen, Tiffany Belt, Stacey Mueller, Nicole ANderson, Mandy Fuchser, Dena Lamp, Torrey Rager, Michelle Walsh, Keri McTaggart, Tricia Beacom, Melissa Mackling, Colleen VonSeggern, Gina Vraspir.

Coach: Mrs. Patti Cunningham


Girls Basketball

Defense is the name of the game! The girls came into the season with a great deal of pressure, and ended their season 4-14, which still proved to be successful. 

Members: Tiffany Belt, Toni Huggenburger, Amy McTaggart, Ronda Brinkman, Carla Paulsen, Colleen ConSeggern, Tricia Beacom, Alison Beacom, Winnie Hartsch, Gina Vraspir, Keri McTaggart 

Coach: Mr. Cliff Wiseman


Boys Basketball

"Pride and persistence are two words that may come to one's mind as they think of the E-H Pirates basketball team."  They ended their season 4-12.

Members:  Matt Krusemark, Jason Rhode, Robert Engle, Kevin Belt, Jon Mackling, Matt Gutzmann, Matt Pfister, Ryan Albrecht, Matt Dorhman, Joe Hassler, Jeremy Stewart, Justin Anderson, Shane Mast, Rod Collins, Eric Sorensen, Jason Spencer, Eric Martin, Brian Macking, Ben Schwarten, Corey Anderson, Chad Anderson, Corey Rasmussen, Bryan Belt, Brent Beacom.

Coaches: Mr. Dan Bormann, Mr. Burnell Drieling


Girls Track

They always pulled together as a team, like supporting each other and cheering each other on.

Members: Dee Wallwey, Winnie Hartisch, Carla Paulsen, Kelly Dietloff, Penny Wrage, RoJean Paulsen, Toni Huggenberger, Julie Crombie, Jenny Kruger

Coach: Mrs. Porter


Boys Track

"Each athlete bettered their performance throughout the year," said Coach Drieling. Every athlete made a commitment to better themselves, and they did so.

Members: Chad Anderson, Greg Albrecht, Jason Rhode, Curt Albrecht, Noel Hassler, Richard Stemmler, Kevin Belt, Shane Mast, Kevin McTaggart

Coach: Mr. Drieling



Nicole Anderson, Heidi Hassler, Tiffany Belt, Amy Vraspir, Eric Martin, Jason Rohde, Gina Vraspir, Keri McTaggart, Mandy Fuchser, Jeni Howard, Jenny Krueger, Shawna Carr, Nikki Engle, Deb Doupnik, Bryan Belt, Jon Wallwey, Corey  Rasmussen, Matt Gutzmann, Mike Fuchser, Jamie Modlin, Winnie Hartisch, Heather Wheelen, Marti Miller, heather Dohrman, Dena Lamp, Torrey Rager, RoJean Paulsen, Stacey Mueller, Penny Gilster, Brian Horak, James Horak, Justin Stork, John Howard, Angie Modlin, Tracy Parker, Keri Kellogg, Jeny Bressler.


Sara Conway, Melissa Macking, Colleen VonSeggern, Julie Crombie, Ginny Wrage, Michelle Walsh, Greg Albrecht, Sara Huggenburger, RoJean Paulsen, Dee Wallway, Noel Hassler, Kraig Kubik, Heidi Hassler, Tricia Beacom, NIkki Engle, Brian Horak, Dan Mattison, Corey Rasmusssen, Shane Koepke, Scott Hassler, Nicole Anderson, Greg, Wallway, Jason Spencer, Jason Rhode, Robert Engle, James Horak, Bryan Modlin, Matt Gutzmann, Tony Feddeler


Dena Lamp, Deb Doupnik, Edwin Hammers, Shane koepke, Joani Paulsen, Codi Anderson, Tiffany Gilster, Jamie Modlin, Penny Gilster, Amy Steele, Tonya Porter, Pat Jensen, Jacob Albrecht, Tonya Mallick, Miss Davenport, Heather Dohrman, Marti Miller, Ryan Olson, Mrs. Porter, Erica Dohrman, Colleen Masters, Sarah Clift, Casandra Cook, Keri Kellogg, Jenny Bressler, Sara McCabe, Angie Modlin, Tracy Parker, Justin Stork, Jamie Carter


Brian Horak, Clay Pedersen, Tom Hogan, Chad Anderson, James Horak, Dan Mattison, Ryan Olsen, Matt Pfister, Noel Hassler, Scott Hassler, Eric Martin, Toni Huggenburger, Julie Crombie, Melissa Mackling, Colleen Von Seggern, Matt Gutzmann, Kevin McTaggart, RoJean Paulsen, Sara Conway, Kristine Hingst, tonya Mellick, Shawna Carr, Jamie Modlin, Jenny Krueger, Tracy Parker, Dena Lamp, Mr. Drieling, Pat Bousquet, Matt Morgan, Bryan Belt, Rod Collins, Joe Hassler, Mike Fuchser


Heather Dohrman, Nicole ANderson, Heather Wheelen, Jenny Bressler, Alison Beacom, Mrs. Simonsen, RoJean Paulsen, Heidi Hassler, Tiffany Belt, AMy McTaggart, Ronda Brinkman, Sara McCabe, Jamie Modlin, Jenny Krueger, Dena Lamp, Ben Schwarten, Ryan Olsen, Stacey Mueller


Tonya Mellick, Tracy Parker, Robert Engle, Mrs. Echtencamp, Michelle Walsh, Nicole Anderson, Amy McTaggart, Dee Wallwey, Kelly Deitloff, Heather Dohrman, Marti Miller, Shawna Carr.


Miss Davenport, Sarah Huggenburger, Mashall Kruger, Kimberly Lamp, Katrina Waren, Stephanie Horak, Heather Iddings, Angela Victor, Ryan Olson, Shane Koepke, Sara Conway, Alicia VandeKop, Jamie kaily, Cindy Potter, Deb Doupnik

 Class of 1992

Class of 1992

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