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Class of 1983

by Edward Rohde

April 17, 2009


Steve Larson Ilene Rasmussen
Ginger Hassler Denise Belt
Tania Broveak Barbara Gormally
Laura Sullivan Bill Rager
Laurie Lueth Kevi  Hingst
Diane Plummer Cindy Merical
Jarold Mackling Denise Millard
Jona Fuscher Tim Claussen
Marja Jarkko Julia Hassler
Mary Walsh Cathy Krahmer
Carolyn Hansen Marcia Assmussen
Mary Dorcey Don Messerschmidt
Sheila Coonen Lynette Emmons
David Stewart Lisa Watkins
Dale Donner Glen Paulsen
Shari Johnson Marsha Stark
John Ahlers Terri Hendrix
Maria Tarsitanp Edith Carder
Maria Schulte Michelle Bottger
Linda Belt Mardell Voss
Cindi Huggenberger Gene Hienneman


In 1982 the Pirates went 6-2 and had a very successful season.  The team was lead by Dean Fuscher and Glen Paulsen who received All-State Honorable Mention.  Glen Paulsen, Dean Fuscher, Jerry Mackling, Bill Paulsen, and Alan Belt all received All Conference.  This was a hard working team that pulled together and worked hard for what they got that year.

Members- T. Conway, J. Ahlers, J. Mackling, D. Donner, D. Stewart, S. Jensen, L Olerich, R. Paulsen, B. Miller, A. Belt, B. Utemark, S. Larson, D. Fuscher, G. Paulsen, M. Heitzman, B. Shanks, M. Habrock, B. Vonswege, K. Utemark, M. Habrock, R. Demke, J. Hogan, S. Stolze, T. Daums, C. Huntley, T. Eriksen, M. Beacom, D. Shaw, M. Mattison, R. Wendte, P. Walsh, D. Jasa, and L. Roeber.


The Lady Pirates went through a tough season to end it with the record of 13 wins and 6 losses.  The people receiving rewards and honors were Linda Belt, Tania Broveak, and Cindi Huggenburger all with All Conference and Mary Walsh with Honorable Mention. They got second in districts to barely miss a state birth.

Members- J. Hartnett, J.Coan, T, Broveak, M. Walsh, L. Belt, C. Huggenburger, K. nelson, K. Strong, J. Ahlers, L. Millard, S. Strong, T. Millard, V. Tullberg, S. Burcham, P Gentrup, J Boeshart, J. Gentrup, A. Bressler, R. Heitzman, J. Denker, K. Heitzman, T. Perkins, S. Alexander, T. Martin.

Boys Basketball

The Pirates basketball team had a tough beginning to their season but they pulled it out in the end to come to a 13-9 season.  Not to shabby for starting the season 3-6.  The Pirates were lead by Glen Paulsen and Bob Utemark, who got All-Conference and Bill Paulsen who received Honorable Mention. They ended up being second best at districts where they could not over come Ponca to win the District.

Members- L. Nelson, J. Martin, T. Daum, J. Hogan, K. Utemark, M. Habrock, J. Wood, B. Belt, B. Sebade, R. Paulsen, M. Henderson, C. Perkins, B. Huggenberger, F. Wood, K. Gradert, C. Huntley,  S. Larson, J. Mackling, G.Paulsen, B. Utemark, B. Paulsen, R. Oetken, and D. Fuscher, 


Girls Basketball

The lady Pirates were almost unstoppable in this year.  They went on a record of 18 wins including winning the Lewis Division, Wakefield Post Holiday, and District Tournament Champions.  The Lady's won 55 games in the 4 years that these seniors played.  Mary was selected all-conference and she was on the Norfolk all-star team.  Tania also was selected to the All-Conference team, while Linda Belt and Cindi Huggenburger received honorable mention.

Members- T. Surber, K. Heitzman, L. Millard, J. Ahlers, T. Pallas, J. Boeshart, S. Alexander, R. Heitzman, T. Broveak, L. Belt, M. Walsh, C. Huggenberger, C. Larowski, T. Miller, J. Denker, L. Schlickbernd, J. Hartnett, V. Tullberg, K. Nelson, R. Paulsen, J. Jensen, T. Millard, and L. Neely.

Boys Track

Bob Utemark was the stud of this year boys track team.  He placed at districts to send himself to state with the powerful throw in the shot Put of 46'8.  Chad Perkins also did very well running the long distance.

Members- Brad Perkins, Tarry Daum, Bob Huggenberger, Kipp Utemark, Ray Paulsen, Chad Perkins, Glen Paulsen, Bob Utemark, and Bill Paulsen.

Girls Track

The girls had a very good season this year but the weather proved to be harsh for them.  They sent 2 girls to the state meet. Jenny Hartnett qualified in the 800, 1600, 3200 and Carla Hassler went in the 100 and 200.

Members- Cara Larkowski, Bel Tarsitano, Chris Hassler, Jean Coan, Marja Jarkko, Carla Hassler,Stacey Strong, Vicki Tullberg, Jenny Hartnett, LaVaille Reifenrath, and Cherie Bousquet.


This years golf team won its first dual in 3 years and accomplished a lot compared to the season before.  The best were Farren Wood and Alan Belt.

Members- S. Jensen, S. Larson,J. Mackling, A. Belt, F. Wood, T Eriksen, J. Blaker, Lori Schlickbernd, K. Steinman, L. Nelson, and J. Habrock.


C. Bousquet, S. Boeshart, J. VanCleave, S. Strong, C. Burcham, T. Martin, C Hassler, Stark, T. Pallas, K. Emmons, G. Nixon, T. Miller, G. Krusemark, M. Shulte, J. Jasa, K. Steinman, L. Reifenrath, E. Roeber, D. Wendte, L. Schlickbernd, B. Lukens, R. Mast, N. Hughes, M. Walsh, K. Fergan, J. Denker, P. Kamm, E. Carder, M. Barron, J. Fuscher, J. Coan, R. Wendte, D. Fuscher, R. Paulsen, C. Nelson, A. A belt, S. Larson, R. Reed, L. Nelson, E. Stecker, J. Stork, R. Rohde, L. Olhrich, P. Palu, P. Wlash, and B. Wilson.


S. Boeshart, D. Gatzmeyer, R. Hietzmann, J. Habrock, S. Strong, K. Bonderson, J. Jasa, B. Heitzman, L, Stolze, K. Strong, M. Barron, M. Hughes, T. Millard, J. Habrock, C. Bousquet, T. Miller, C. Larowski, T. Mast, C. Krahmer, K. Nelson, I. Rasmussen, S. Davis, T. Pallas, L. Millard, J. Ahlers, S. Alexander, M. Mattison, B. Utemark, V. Tullberg, T. Clausen, B. Knox, M. Habrock, B. Rhodes, J. Blaker, S. Boeshart, B. Sebade, K. Steineman, A. Bressler, T. Surber, T. Wallace, K. Utemark, L. Watkins, J. Hartnett, R. Paulsen.


Pep Club

T. Miller, M. Barron, L. Sullivan, L. Stolze, D. Plummer, L. Lueth, K. Strong, J. Fuscher, J. Coan, S. Strong, C. Hassler, S. Burcham, K. Bonderson, N. Pallas, J. jasa, L. Gormally, C. Boesquet, J. Hartnett, C. Larowski, T. O'neill, B. Knudsen, M. Demke, J. Gentrup, T. Pallas, K. Gatzmeyer, M. Jarkio, G. Nixon, J. Hassler, S. Davis, N. Hughes, B. Gatzmeyer, L. Millard, T. Surber, J. Ahlers, J. Boeshart, R. Heitzman, T. Wallace, K. Heitzman, A. Bressler, R. Paulsen, I, Rasmussen, C. Krahmer, P. Gentrup, L. Warren, D. Fairbanks, J. Denker, T. Broveak, G. Krusemark, L. Schlickbernd, C. Hassler.


S. Alexander, R. Oetken, P. Walsh, B. Sebade, L. Roeber, K. Gradert, J. Thraikill, S. Stolze, J. Hogan, D. Jasa, J. Krueger, J. Martin, M. Mitchell, D. Hingst, R. Nelson, K. Nelson, L. Nelson, P. Masters, S. Bousquet.


I. Rasmussen, C. MaKeever, L. Belt, L. Lueth, C. Hansen, D. Plummer, T. Classen, V. Tullberg, M. Heitzman, K. Steinman, M. Starkko, T. Broveak, L. Sullivan, L, Gormally, A, Assmussen, G. Hassler, C. Krahmer, R. Paulsen, K. Strong, T. O'Neill, K. Nelson, J.Nelson, C. Huggenberger, P. Masters, B. Wilson, R. Rohde, B. Huggenberger, J. Wood, J. Mackling, D. Fuscher, and D. Belt.


N. Pallas, R. Paulsen, M. Walsh, G. Nixon, J. Hassler, L. Stolze, M. Heitzman, K. Steinman, K. Bonderson, J. Jasa, T. Millard, T. Hendrix, B. Gatzmeyer, K. Nelson, B. Wilson, S. Jensen, K. Strong, G. Krusemark, L. Schlickbernd, C. Hassler, K. Jensen, R. Mast, C. Vasek, R. Rohde, J. Heineman, C. McKeever, C. Hassler, J. Coan, C. Bousquet, S. Davis, C. Birkley, S. Boeshart, L. Albrecht, K. Pallas, L. Jepsen, K. Messerschimdt, T. Stolze, K, Kubik, S. Krahmer, C. Steineman, and J. Hingst.

E-H Club

L. Schlickbernd, S. Strong, C. Hassler, J. Hartnett, K. Jensen, C Bousquet, V. Tullberg, K. Nelson, S. Larson, C. Hassler, C. McKeever, D. Fuscher, G. Paulsen, B Utemark, L. Oelrich, A. Belt, J. Mackling, S. Jensen, M. Heitzman, J. Hassler, G. Nixon, M. Assmussen, M. Henderson, C. Perkins, L. Belt, M. Schulte, C. Huggenberger, D. Donner, D. Stewart, B. Rager, T. Clausen, J. Ahlers, F. Wood, C. Huntley, P. Walsh, R. Demke, B. Paulsen, B. Shanks, R. Wendte, R. Paulsen, T. Broveak, and M. Walsh.


 Class of 83'

Class of 1983

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