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Class of 1964

Jane Carter Bill Wallwey
Dennis Evans Mike McKenzie
Esther Combs Sharon Giese
Gene Suhr Loren Messerschmidt
Becky Koopman Janeen Curtiss
Robert Lamp Betty Gradert
Lauretta Degraaf Gary Millard
Raymond Brown Jim Kassing
Virgil Rassmassen Jeanne Kassing
Sherry Krahmer Dorothy Belt
Sandra Peters Alan Hingst
Russell Burchum Cheryl Voss
Wayne Miller Linda Koster
Barbara Jensen Charlotte Mellick
Karen Dolezal Ella Bowman

Homecoming Royalty

The football King and Queen of 1964 were Mike McKenzie and Becky Koopman. The Senior Prince and Princess were Robert Lamp and Barbara Jensen. Also the Senior attendants where Janeen Curtiss and Raymond Brown.

Senior Play

Plays name was "Room and Bored" it was a big success for the attendance was large at all three performances.


Directed by Mrs Edna Mathiesan, they won a trophy for outstanding acting. 

Annual Staff 

Miss Janet Wulf, Esther Combs, Becky Koopman, Judy McKivergan, Barb Oetken, Irene Skow, Candess Jensen, Sandra Peters, Karen Pope.

Band Twirlers

Vickey Surber, Becky Koopman, Betty Gradert, Molly Jo Dittman, Candess Jensen, Sharon Giese, Jane Carter, and Sherry Krahmer.

Mixed Chorus

Mr. Carr, Cheryl V, Sharon G, Betty G, Janeen C, Jaine C, Judy M, Vona H, Esther C, Ruthann M, Maralyn B, Barbara J, Darlene S, Karen D, Janet R, Lauretta D, Linda K, Connie E, Janet F, Barbara O, Reta H, Connie E, Linda R, Bonnie L, Janet D, Linda B, Elaine Z, Karen K, Candi J, Becky K, Ronnie B, Mike M, DeWayne D, Chuck P, Virgil R, Bill W, Marvin E, Mike A, Dennis K, Roger S, Loren W, Donnie A.

Girls Glee

Mr. Carr, Darlene, Terri W, Barbara F., Janet Z, Janet F, Janet D, Barbara O, Candio J, Bonnie F, Carol P, Ruthann M, Carrie B, Patricia E, Maralyn B, Marilyn K, Carol P, Ella B, Carol B, Louise B, Velda B, Karen K, Darlene S, Norma T, Linda H, Connie E, Linda F, Reta H, Linda R, Judy M, Bonnie L, Connie E, Carol E, Elaine Z, Irene S, Molly Jo D, Marilyn W, Charlotte M, Sharon G, Sandra P, Cheryl V. 

Boys Glee

Mr. Carr, Duane S, Arnold M, Micheal A, Ronnie B, DeWayne D, Chuck P, David P, Robert K, Roger S, Denis K, Loren W, Don A, Bill W, Warren B, Butch S, Mark B, Andrew K, Gene S, Ray B, Virgil R, Marvin H, Rick P, Marlowe L, Kenny L, Dennis E.


Vicey S, Bonnie L, Mary JoS, Susan S, Jody R, Mike A, Chuck P, Esther C, Becky K, Candi J, Connie E, Ronnie B, Sandra S, Elanie Z, Connie E, Janet F, BarbaraJ, Darlene S, Nancy S, Betty G, Sharon G, Carrie B, Marilyn K, Bonnie L, Jim J, David K, Gene H, Fred M, Judy M, Bill W, Gil F, Loren W, Karen K, Butch S, Ray B, Donnie A, Molly D, JANE C. Maralyn B, Vona H, Mark B, Linda B, Joy V, Carol S, Carol R, Lowell W, Dennis K, Debbie K, Julie K, Ruthann M, Marvin E, Patty L, Dana R, Mr. Carr, Sherry K.

Beginner Band

Lorane H, Janeen Z, Wendy J, Shirly L, Dennis S, Roger J, Donnie S, tancie H, Violet H, Fred K, Leon K, Galen A, Alan D and Miss Wieting.


Becky Koopman- Head

Candess Jensen

Bonnie Lueth

Ester Combs

Future Farmers of America

Alan H, Wayne M, Robert, Gene S, Verdel H, Dennis S, Mr. Tarnick, Duane S, Donald G, Alan B, Warren B, Michael A, Dennis K, Gene S, David J, Arnold M, Marvin E, Virgil R, William W, Roger S, Melvin H, Ray B, Darryl G, Andrew K, Merlyn S, Duane A, Gary M, Robert K, Wayne O, Marlyn H, Ronnie P, Darrel B, Ronnie R, Mark B, Donald S, Dale O, Daniel B, Terry S, Francis B, Loren M, Gary D, Kenneth L, Russell M , David F, Darrel W, Roger W.

Football Team

J, Hasen, B, Sorensen, A, Kuthn, A, Binkley, R, Morgan, R, Dohrman, R, Brown, A, Hingst, R, Bottger, D, Anderson, A, Mellick, B, Brown, S, McKenzie, Coach Ash, R, Pope, R, Schwarten, M, Brown, W, Miller, V Rasmusse, D Habrock, D Ercksen, R Lamp, M Englehart, Coach Tighe, A Curtiss, K Lamp, M Albrecht, M Hansen, B Krahmer, T Stinger, B Rasmussen, R Poulsen, D Hingst, C Plumber

A Team of Basketball

Marvin Englehart, Dennis Stark, Dean Habrock, Gilbert Frey, Raymond Brown, Gary Millard, Mike McKenzie, Ronnie Bottger, Butch Sorenson, Richard Dohrman, Scott McKenzie, Coach Ash, Bill Brown

B Team of Basketball

Darrel G, Dick H, David J, Dale O, Charles P, Darrel B, Ronnie P, Coach Tighe, Ronnie R, Wayne O, Robert K, Duane A, Terry S, Marlowe L.

Boys Track

Gary M, Russ M, Alan H, Don S, Wayne M, Ray B, Mike M, Ron B, Marvin E, Jim H, Larry I, Loren M, Robert L, Russ B, Tm G, Gene S, Danny B, Donnie G, Alan B, Duane A, Andrew K, Mark B, Ron P, Melvin H, Alan C, Arnold M, Ken L, Marlow L, Eddie S, Roger S, Dale O, Rick P, Bob R, David J, Mike A, Kirk S, Loren W,  Gene R, Coaches Bob Tighe and Joe Ash

Senior Trip

The Senior class of 1964 went on a class trip to Okibogie. They rode on the airplane over the lake area. The day was amazing time the seniors said. This was a time to spend one last time with your classmates.


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Esther (Combs) Gunderson
Social work case manager
Blair, NE
Mar 22, 2011Ah the memories. How sweet it was!! Time truly does fly by when you are having fun! And our class had a lot of fun!!