Elementary Spelling Bee
Elementary Spelling Bee
Lindsey Beaudette
Friday, February 08, 2019

We held our annual spelling bee at the Elementary School on Friday, February 8th. Below are the winner's for each grade:

1st Grade: 1st Place - Abe Mueller, 2nd Place - Madyx Beacom, 3rd Place - Grayson Anderson

2nd Grade: 1st Place - Mylee Lacy, 2nd Place - Jacob Francis, 3rd Place - DeLaney Fuchser

3rd Grade: 1st Place - Chloe Peters, 2nd Place - Ally Belt, 3rd Place - Keegan Hightree

4th Grade: 1st Place - Ivy Martineck, 2nd Place - Shaelynn Miller, 3rd Place - Kenley Clements

5th Grade: 1st Place - Thatcher Lamp, 2nd Place - Jenni Olson, 3rd Place - Emelia Harral/Charlie Watkins.

We will be sending the following to participate in the Dixon County Spelling
Bee on Wednesday, February 13th at 1:30 p.m. at Allen Public Schools.

Patricia Flores-Trejo, Thatcher Lamp, Lily King-Lobo, KayLynn Novak, Elizabeth Sattler