Honor Roll

At Emerson-Hubbard Community Schools each semester, if the student’s average is 94% or better (with no grade below a 90%,) they qualify for the high honor roll.  Students scoring 90% to 93% (with no grade below an 86%) receive honor roll.

Congratulations to the following E-H students who received first semester honor roll honors:


High Honor Roll:

6th Grade:

Delaney Fuchser

Drayden Nielsen

7th Grade:

Allyson Belt

Quinn Chester

Madelyn Franzluebbers

Isabella Maise

8th Grade:

Ivy Martinek

Thomas Raymundo-Bacilio

Jamil Usngan

9th Grade:

Thatcher Lamp

Makenna Maise

10th Grade:

Jackson Belt

Alejandro Usngan

11th Grade:

Rhyanne Mackling

Kaylynn Novak

Codi Olson

12th Grade:

Charlie Doyle

MacKenzie Liewer

Nicole Messerschmidt

Elizabeth Sattler




Honor Roll:

7th Grade:

Logan Morgan

Cy Mueller

Chloe Peters

8th Grade:

Joslyn Mackling

Landyn Servine

9th Grade:

Rachael Bousquet

Emelia Harral

Drayden Zayas

10th Grade:

Myleah Mackling

Rylinn Mitchell

11th Grade:

Brianna Novak

12th Grade:

Sydney Baker

Brianna Bousquet

Katherine Utech